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Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Oriental Manuscripts

"Written monuments of the Orient" is an international English-language semi-annual academic periodical for the study of written cultural and historical heritage of the Orient. Since 2015, the journal "Written Monuments of the Orient" has been published by the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts (founded as the Asiatic Museum in 1818), Russian Academy of Sciences. The global pool of authors comprises specialists in the history of ancient and medieval Asia. The journal focuses on theoretical and practical problems of studying the written heritage of the peoples of the Orient, including articles on the materials of rare old collections like Dunhuang, as well as Tangut, Tocharian and Sogdian manuscripts.

"Written monuments of the Orient" is completely peer-reviewed by appointed external experts, thus fully participating in the international exchange of academic knowledge.

We propose to publish material of the following kinds:

  • Theoretical articles on matters of Oriental textology (textual analysis, methods of source criticism, principles for the publication, translation and production of commentaries on Oriental texts).
  • Publications of texts and translations of writings and extracts from them, as well as selections of material from written sources on particular problems of history or history of literature.
  • Source studies and textological research (analysis of specific sources, sources related to particular issues, etc.).
  • Descriptions and surveys of individual manuscripts and collections of manuscripts; reports about newly discovered manuscript materials.
  • Reviews on textological works, publications of sources and source-study research, as well as surveys of such publications.
  • Materials and papers on matters of historical terminology and on ancillary historical and textological disciplines (codicology, archeography, palaeography, diplomatics, sphragistics, numismatics, epigraphy).

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